Why discolor your teeth

Stained Teeth is a very common dental problem that makes a lot of people to feel uncomfortable when they have to talk or smile. Discolored teeth require teeth whitening treatment. The acquisition of colored substances onto the tooth pellicle is the main reason that makes teeth to lose their natural white color. Human teeth naturally […]

Type of treaments

Professional teeth whitening techniques: Both of these teeth bleaching methods are done under a cosmetic dentist’s supervision, so the chance of negative side effects is reduced. 1. In-office bleaching The LED Tooth Whitening Procedure In just one visit, you can have a stunningly smile with our LED (blue light) bleaching techniques. For Those who do […]


BLEACHING Generally, bleaching is successful in at least 90 percent of cases, though it may not be an option for everyone. Consider tooth bleaching if your teeth are darkened from age, coffee, tea or smoking. Teeth darkened with the color of yellow, brown or orange respond better to lightening. Other types of gray stains caused […]