Cercon system

For decades the standard in dentistry for crown and bridge restoration materials has been the PFM (porcelain-fused-to-metal). The framework for the dental crown was produced in metal and then covered with a porcelain layer. Now with the evolution of All-Ceramic materials and their higher esthetic qualities, dental patients have options. One of the leading options in All-Ceramics is Cercon Zirconia which provides both long lasting high strength as well as superior esthetics. If your dentist recommends a crown or bridge, ask about Cercon, the proven All-Ceramic.

Today more than ever patients demand esthetics as part of their dental treatment and choosing metal-free, biocompatible and highly esthetic restorations. The Cercon system meets this demand with the ability to fabricate high strength Zirconia based frameworks for C&B restorations.

Cercon is a high tech CAD-CAM laser/milling system suitable for full coverage crowns and bridges, for the anterior and posterior regions that guarantee to achieve high level of precision and accuracy in fit. Combine this technology with the artistic influence of our ceramists — the result equals a highly esthetic metal-free solutions.

Advantages / Benefits

– Xtreme strength with beautiful all-ceramic esthetics

– Both conventional cementation or bonding

– Multiple core shades (for better esthetics)

– Metal-free, precision fit

– No hidden alloy cost

– Biocompatible


– Cercon Zirconia bridges

– Cercon Zirconia single crowns

– Cercon Zirconia for all regions in the mouth

Cercon® Zirconia is an innovative system for esthetic metal-free crowns and bridges. The reliability of Cercon® Zirconia restorations is backed by more than five years of proven clinical success. The system is used to fabricate anterior or posterior single units or multi-unit bridge restorations out of translucent, biocompatible zirconia, the strongest and toughest dental ceramic. Cercon® Zirconia restorations can be placed with conventional cementation or adhesive bonding techniques. More than 100 labs in North America offer Cercon® Zirconia restorations and over 1,000,000 units have been placed worldwide since its introduction in May of 2002.

Zirconia-Innovation in All-Ceramics

Reliable, biocompatible, esthetic, metal-free restorations for crowns and bridges have been the focus of dental materials research for more than a decade. Several materials have aimed to provide a solution to this need and have fallen consistently short of clinician and patient expectations due to their low strengths and toughness. The Cercon system offers a comprehensive solution to this need. This innovative system takes advantage of the exceptional strength properties of Cercon Zirconia (>1300 MPa) as well as the toughness, reliability and biocompatibility of translucent zirconia. Combine this with the accuracy and control of Cercon’s CAD/CAM technology and you have a proven all-ceramic solution.

All the facts on Cercon smart ceramics

Improved Aesthetics

– Due to the white zirconium oxide milled substructure

– Thanks to the specially developed veneering porcelain Cercon®ceram

– Optimal shade match to the existing natural teeth

– Can be contoured to blend with the natural dentition


– Verified by the medical application of zirconium oxide for about 20 years

– No allergic reactions reported in the published literature

– No interaction with other dental materials

– Good insulating behavior of the ceramic against cold/warm influences

– Thanks to a smooth ceramic surface that supports good oral hygiene


– Thanks to the exceptional strength of zirconium oxide

– High stability requiring minimum framework dimensions