Bright teeth whitening for a more beautiful smile

A smile can provide a great first impression to most people, and who wouldn’t want to increase their face value with a million dollar megawatt smile? This is why bright teeth whitening have become more and more popular as a way of helping people to become more confident about their smile. Not only this, but it also helps people to look younger, and gets rid of all those stains that inevitably build up over time. Bright white teeth whitening are widely considered as the ultimate goal for most people.
Teeth aren’t meant to be perfectly white, but if your teeth are looking dull then there is a very effective bright teeth whitening option for you. There is no need to visit dentists, spend hours waiting for your turn and shelling lots of money for a fabulous set of pearly whites anymore. The Bright Smile Teeth Whitening System will enable professional quality teeth whitening from the comfort of your home.
This bright teeth whitening system is essentially an effective tooth whitening home kit consisting of one 10 CC tube containing gel, batteries and two custom tooth trays. The whitening gel contains 22% or 36% carbamise peroxide to gently bleach the teeth without being invasive. The 22% gel is suitable for ultra sensitive teeth. The laser LED activator light improves the product’s performance. The tooth trays are custom-moldable by heating the soft material and then biting on it. This in turn helps ensure that the product is applied evenly on the surface of the teeth for better results.
The product must be applied on the teeth for 45 minutes the first time and thereafter for 20-30 minutes every day. The bright teeth whitening gel has to be used after the tooth whitening session. Your teeth will begin to lighten in 10 days; there will be major transformations in another two weeks. The treatment is long lasting.
While a whitening session by a dentist will cost you almost 100 dollars, Bright teeth whitener is very affordable and is available at just a fraction of the fees charged by dentists. At the same time it does not compromise on quality and has been approved by the FDA. The product offers a complete money back guarantee if your teeth do not become 3-8 shades whiter in the first 10 days. No questions will be asked.
As we are always eating and drinking things that can cause a buildup of stains on our teeth, a bright teeth whitening treatment can be a good way to feel more confident about your smile. Having said this, it is essential to consult a dentist to make sure the teeth whitening product suits your teeth based on some simple tests that they would be able to perform.