Top of toothpaste products

When you take care of your teeth every day, toothpaste is the most important product you are interested in when choosing to use.

  1. Colgate Total strengthens tooth enamel.Colgate Total Enamel Strength protects against plaque and bacteria effectively for up to 12 hours, keep your mouth clean and fresh. Moreover, It also protects the enamel well, even that, you drink or eat somethings sweet whole day.
  1. Tom’s of Clean Maine and Gentle Care – if you want to find a toothpaste that contains doubling of the amount of natural medicine that is suitable for swollen cheeks or even sore throat with natural ingredients and do not use any harmful materials for your health as well as for the environment, you should choose this smart product. In addition, this toothpaste also supplies tooth enamel reclamation, anti-decay, … To sum up, this is a product that is worth to choose.
  2.  Burt’s Bees Fluoride – Natural whitening toothpaste that does not contain Flour. This kind of toothpaste is committed to using all natural ingredients and saying no toxic chemicals. This natural Burt bee toothpaste contains cranberry extract and silica, without the use of artificial flavors, coloring and sweeteners.
  3.  Luster White 7. It can be said that this is the best tooth whitening product which contains seven ingredients of polishing, and bring an incredible result for the users with the White bright smile in a week of usage. Your teeth’s surface and even some deep stain teeth with braces will be removed after using Luster White 7 safely.
  4.  Crest Pro-Health Sensitive Shield. Let’s try this toothpaste, if your teeth are sensitive. The product is the best rated for sensitive teeth, because it creates a strong barrier around the teeth to prevent the nerves from being irritated. This toothpaste increases the protection against pain from sensitive tooth by binding and strengthening tooth enamel that combine with preventing from enamel loss.

In Vietnam, the above product lines are not widely distributed due to the relatively high price compared to the consumer market. Following are the most popular products including Colgate, PS, Sensodyne , Aquafresh, … but these products also have their own characteristics, so we should carefully read the indications and advices from your dentists to choose the best for you. Furthermore, your awareness of the Ingredients of toothpaste is necessary and important. You should look and check the back of the toothpaste labels to find the ingredients carefully. There are some kind of harmful chemicals in some toothpastes which you should avoid, including Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Triclosan.

The article “How to choose the right kind of toothpaste that be suitable for your teeth?” has given some distinctive characteristics of the toothpaste in general, here is some information about the most brilliant toothpaste on the market, you should consider to buy for yourself  as the most appropriate product. Try one of the products that are said to be the best below.


If you have any questions about toothpaste, always ask your dentist. Your dentist will be able to recommend the right product for you and tell you whether the toothpaste you are using has a good effect or not.