Flouride and its benefits

Flour is a natural occurring mineral that be founded in water with varying degrees depending on geographic area. Flour can help prevent from the tooth decay, so many toothpaste manufacturers add to this ingredient in their products, but the amount of flour that will be controlled to a reasonable degree. Toothpaste containing Flour Brushing your […]

Top of toothpaste products

When you take care of your teeth every day, toothpaste is the most important product you are interested in when choosing to use. Colgate Total strengthens tooth enamel.Colgate Total Enamel Strength protects against plaque and bacteria effectively for up to 12 hours, keep your mouth clean and fresh. Moreover, It also protects the enamel well, […]

How to choose the right kind of toothpaste that is suitable for your teeth?

When we go to the shop or go to a supermarket and choose to buy a new toothpaste, you think it’s so easy. However, when entering the toothpaste area, there are too many choices, many brands, many different product lines with variety of designs, quality, quantity …and you start wondering. Should you whiten your teeth? […]