The almagam filling is very strong and rigid

Almagam fillings have a long history of use and are effective in restoring the shape and the function of teeth from the teeth damage that caused by such as tooth decay or other injuries.

Today, due to the improvement of high technology, this method has gradually been replaced by many other materials. However, in certain aspects, Almagam is still selected by some of dentists as a reliable sealing.

Almagam is a metal compound made up of silver, tin, zinc, copper and mercury, in which the amount of mercury accounted for nearly 50%.
Because of a metal compound, Almagam does not guarantee the compatibility of colors with real teeth, so it is often used to fill molar or premolar teeth, some inside teeth are not visible. Although this is the lowest cost material in all of the Restoration solutions, the existing duration of the Almagam can be kept very long in the mouth, for at least 10 years.

The Advantages of filling with Almagam

– The almagam filling is very strong and rigid so it will provide a perfect chewing force for the patient.
– Implementation of Almagam filling does not cost much as the alternative methods
– The patient only needs to book just one appointment and immediately during that appointment the doctor can quickly complete a piece of Almagam without having to go back and visit to the clinic many times.
– Almagam is less sensitive to moisture in the filling process than composite.
– The age of almagam filling is very long,it can last for decades.

The almagam filling is very strong and rigid
The almagam filling is very strong and rigid

The Disadvantages of filling with Almagam

– Almagam is not compatible with real teeth because of the metal dark color.
– Over time, the Almagam can be worn and dulled, that is the resulting in discoloration in the area between the real teeth and almagam.
– As a traditional method of not using any dental adhesives, almagam is not closely linked with real tooth tissue as composite does.
– The preparation of the treatment area is done by the dentist, and this procedure requires the formation of undercuts or ledges in order that the fillings can be remained in the desired position, therefore the dentist will have to remove more of your real teeth than the treatment with composite.
– Some patients with allergies to some of almagam ingredients or they are worry about the use of mercury evaporating in Almagam, which causes bad toxins to the body and nervous system, especially for pregnant women and children. Currently, in almost European and American countries, almagam has been banned from using in dentistry. In Vietnam, some dental associations as well as the top dentistry experts have encouraged not to use Almagam in dental fillings.

If you decide to have Amalgam fillings, you should go directly to the dental clinic and get advice from a doctor. Undoubtedly, In Hoang Bao dental clinic, we have advantages of professional and modern filling technology, as well as the best experienced dentist, who will make you satisfied with the results of dental restorations.