Type of treaments

Professional teeth whitening techniques:

Both of these teeth bleaching methods are done under a cosmetic dentist’s supervision, so the chance of negative side effects is reduced.
1. In-office bleaching The LED Tooth Whitening Procedure
In just one visit, you can have a stunningly smile with our LED (blue light) bleaching techniques.
For Those who do not want to bother with the tray and bleaching gel at home, our Tooth Whitening or LED bleaching service is an alternative. This is done entirely in the dentist’s office.
The cosmetic dentist begins by cleaning each tooth to remove plaque. Once the plaque has been removed, the dentist covers the patient’s gums with a protective barrier and applies a 35 percent hydrogen peroxide gel onto the teeth. A blue light activates the peroxide gel. The gel stays on the teeth for about 40 minutes, and then is rinsed off. The patient must not eat or drink staining foods for several days because the teeth are still “highly oxygenated” from our Tooth Whitening process.
2. At-Home Tooth Whitening
Tooth bleaching kits take approximately two to three weeks to accomplish the desired level of whiteness and must be used under the supervision of a dentist.
The dentist begins the Tooth Whitening process by checking the teeth for cavities . The Tooth Whitening gel could damage teeth with cavities in them. If cavities are found, they will be repaired before Tooth Whitening begins. If no cavities are found, the teeth will be cleaned to remove plaque and take impression for custom tray. The dentist will then provide a peroxide-based Tooth Whitening gel and guide whitening way. The mouth tray should be filled with the Tooth Whitening gel and worn overnight for two to three weeks.