Dental plaque

The plaque is the calcification of the fur. The plaque and the plates strongly stick to the tooth.
There are two different type of the plaque, one placed under gums and other placed above the gums. The above placed plaque is yellow-white colour what the smoking and food coloring materials can make black coloured.
The plaque under the gums is darkbrown coloured. Many fur and the plaque can cause the gum’s inflammation. The inflammation can be worse and you have a chronic gum inflammation.
The inflammation increasing make the tooth’s deep tissue inflammation and cause the gum’s atropy then make bones tissue destruction.
Plaque removing with ultra sound
In the Hoang Bao Dental care Clinic, we apply the special ultra sound plaque removing apparatus that defeat all types of plaque
The apparatus ultra sound frequency oscillate with the correct vibration number. The oscillation make some air-bubble which are crushing the plaque.
The oscillation energy cause some heat so we must cooling the apparatus. The ultra sound plaque removing doesn’t damage the dental enamel. When you have strong tooth neck sensitivity we can use local anaesthetic to avoid any pain. After the plaque removing we polish your tooth with a tooth-whitening material.