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Here are the grads of the 2018 Master Clinician Programs globally who emerged as Top Student in their class: one each from America, Australia, China, Europe, Latin America, Vietnam. Only ONE can be the overall best of best of the global programs combined. And that is………….

Dr. Hoang Vu Hanh Vietnam Master Clinician Program 2018!


Hoang Bao Dental Clinic

Oral health is an importan part of overhall health, creates good quality of life, and is the foundation of confident smiles. With the goal of bringing beautiful smiles, Hoang Bao Dental Clinic would like to be your dental care specialist. Along with the development of Vietnam’s Economy, the Medicalogy, especially Dentology, has made great progress to meet the demand of health care in Vietnam.

Hoang Bao dental clinic was created in the these favorable circumstances. With accumulating experiences is treatment, the use of modern machinery and devices, and sterile saitary procedures, the team of skilled professional dentists in Hoang Bao dental clinic provides consultations and comprehensive, quality treatment. Hoang Bao Dental Clinic has been designed with the standards of international dentistry to meet the increasing aesthetic demand for dental treatment. We provide appropriate services with our oral care program for patients of all ages. Please contact us for more information and we will do our best to assist you with your dental demands.